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If selling new items, do not go to an antique or collectors market. You are wasting your time. It is best to go to a market that has a mix of new, used and collectibles or a show like a county fair that draws thousands of people; provided that you have the proper merchandise to sell. For example: sunglasses, T-shirts, cell phone items, food, etc. Farmers markets are mostly for fresh vegetables, fruits and baked goods. New or used merchandise will not sell at farmers markets. Shows are good if you sell the proper merchandise like everyone else there is selling. Watch your set up cost at shows, fairs, etc. This is where research and time comes in. Check it out first and ask questions.

The people who are running the show or event will always say it is great – watch out – never go set up to sell without doing your homework. Your wallet will show the results. Talk to vendors who sold there and find out what they sold and decide if the cost to set up and traffic will be worth your time. The grass always looks greener on the other side, but 90% of the time it isn’t. As I said before, moving around to different markets every Sunday in a cycle like 4-6 weeks, then start over again. This produces the best results with a higher income.