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1. Appearance is number one. Choose bright colors, arrange merchandise neatly.
2. Speak to buyers within 20 seconds, otherwise, lose the sale.
3. Offer extra services others do not. Use poster board with clear lamination to protect your signs.
4. Attach 3’x5’ flags (of your choice) to your tent. They work. I have used them for over ten years now.
5. All merchandise must be clean (new or used).
6. Stay away from knock-offs.
7. Offer at least two price points – single and multiples.
8. Work with people on large purchases and adjust your selling price. Listen to what the buyer wants.
9. Consider moving around to different markets every week (your sales will increase). You will need help with this.
10. Try to sell items people want and need; this is where research comes in. Stay away from basic used household items. In most cases they have little to no value.
11. Be prepared prior to going out – check over your truck, merchandise, equipment, etc. Also, plan for rain. Have plastic covers cut to size to protect your merchandise.
12. Have plenty of change – $50 is normally enough and use a nail apron. Never leave a money box out in clear view.
13. Make friends with other professional vendors – get their phone numbers.