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Finding excess merchandise in large lots is pretty much dried up. Every once in a while you can find a deal by becoming friends with other vendors. Prior to 2008 excess deals were everywhere, but not today. If you run across one, buy it, providing it’s a good deal on quality and price. Look on Craigslist in major cities. Even if you have to drive a distance to pick up a good deal, run the numbers first to make sure it is a good deal. Buying wholesale limits you in many ways. If it is not a quality product at a cost where you can resell at profit margins of 300-800%, walk away from the deal. Some wholesalers are a rip-off. Compare quality and price with freight costs. On EBay it seems like there is very little large deals anymore. But I found out that if a seller is listing several items you want to sell contact them directly to see if you can strike a deal. Pay with PayPal only using a credit card like Discover to protect yourself, If the deal goes bad, you can send it back to the seller with a tracking number, then call your credit card company to cancel the charges. Discover has done this for me several times over the past five years. They are great. Your best bet, if possible, is to become friendly with other professional vendors for sources of merchandise deals. These are normally all cash deals only. Trust no one! Check the merchandise and counts; protect yourself. If a seller gives you BS because you want to check and verify the count tell them “no thanks” and walk away. It’s your money. Some vendors and/or sellers are less than honest, but generally most are honest. It only takes one bad apple to rip you off.