Buy right in the off season; better deals can be had then. Buy the entire deal. Research items prior to buying. All areas – stores selling price, other vendors selling price to determine if you can make a profit. My basic rule of thumb if selling a seasonal item like sunglasses (the season is May to July normally). You need a 400% profit or more based on cost and selling price. Other items varies high price items if you make 100% better known as double your cost you are doing good. My personal profit margins on everything I sell are 700-800% across the board. Remember I have been doing this for thirty years. I have the contacts, and do research all the time. It will pay off. Try to sell items if possible in the price range of $5.00-$20.00. Most buyers will have that amount in their pocket. Most vendors only accept cash; taking credit or debit cards adds cost to your bottom line. Taking credit or debit cards at flea markets is very small percent less than 1%. Is it worth it; you decide. I work with cash only. You, as a vendor, needs to figure out the pros and cons yourself. Now remember, this is a business not a charity. Your time is money; use it wisely.


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