How to save a lot of money every year on items and things everyone purchases and needs. Average savings of $6,334.00 per year. That’s every year!! Spend the time and do your research and see the results. Anyone can do it. I have done this for over ten years. It’s time to take control of your life and money.

Save on the following:
Cell phone service
Auto insurance
Home owner’s insurance/Rental insurance
Home phone service
High speed internet
TV service
Home heating
Auto repairs
Food items
Basic cleaning supplies
Gas for $1.67 a gallon

Note: This information is FREE. Pass it along to anyone you wish.

CELL PHONES. For basic service with unlimited calls and text and receive a free phone or use your own phone with a Sim card. I was paying $98 a month for two phones with AT&T. Go on line to H2O. They run on AT&T towers and it’s only $30 a month – no taxes, no fees. My cost now is $60 a month with a 30% savings a year. I saved $456.00 a year. This is for basic phones. On Smart phones, stay away from contracts. Buy your phone direct; shop rates and service. Check into Straight Talk on line and do reviews of other carriers and decide the best deal for you.
AUTO INSURANCE. Every year compare your rates with other companies; do it directly only. Stay clear of companies that advertise a lot on TV. Your cost is higher because you are paying for their ads. I was paying $1,197 a year for four autos with only one having full coverage. Now, I pay $736 a year with full coverage on two autos and two with comp. Better coverage—less money. Saved 35% a year at a $461.00 savings a year. Hartford Insurance through AARP is the company. Their best rates are for people over 55, but they also insure others.
CABLE, INTERNET, HOME PHONE SERVICE. Drop cable. Stay away from those triple play packages like Comcast. Every year they raise the rates and cut programming. A better choice for TV is to purchase a Lava HD-2805 Ultra with G3 and remote and mounting pole. It’s small, modern and simple to install on current lines used now. The cost of the antenna is $49.00 and the pole is $30.00. It’s a onetime cost with no fees. You will receive up to 66 channels including all local channels. This works on up to three of all types of TVs. You can also add a Roku 2xD streaming TV player to receive an added 600 channels for a one time cost of $48 refurbished. You can buy on line; research for the best prices.
For home phone, use Basic Talk and port your number for $15 per month.
For internet, use bundlefinders.com for only $19 per month. I was paying $1,440 a year with Comcast and now I pay $420 a year for home phone and high speed internet and also free TV.
INSURANCE: HOME AND RENTERS. Check other companies every year 30-60 days before renewal time. Check reviews on line on service with claims, price directly. Stay clear of sites that take your information and promise a quote. They are middle men selling your information to any or all insurance agents and companies out there. The phone calls and emails will drive you crazy. Do not volunteer information; just answer their questions, otherwise, in most cases your price will go up. Remember that cost is important but also past review on how claims are handled is just as important. This will take time but worth it to your wallet. My house insurance from Erie Insurance was $540 a year, but after I dropped my auto insurance with them, it went up to $732 a year. I found a company called Safeco which is a Liberty Mutual Company through Home Insurance.com. They are a true broker. They research for you the best rates. No commissions are paid to them. My cost now is $494 a year; a savings of $238 a year. They also sell auto insurance coverage. And an important fact is they are paid a set fee. No commission; so it pays them to offer the best rate to the consumer.
HOME HEATING. My system is force air (gas). In the past twelve years I used my furnace maybe 4 times. I had a high energy wood burner stove installed with a catalytic converter and a two speed fan. The brand name is Dutchwest Model # 2461 for 18” logs. This unit heats 90% of my home. Just clean the unit and chimney every year. It is easy to do or have it professionally done. Purchase slab wood hardwood only or split logs. The cost to buy wood in Pittsburgh, PA for five cords is $675 a year delivered. The average cost to heat a home in Pennsylvania for a year is $1,800-$2,200. There is a lot of free wood out there for the taking if you want it. Free wood requires time, labor, and a log splitter or purchase it and just stack it and cover with tarps to keep it dry. In the past twelve years I saved over $12,000 on heating bills. Note: the Dutchwest is a brand name and high quality stove. Cost to have a new unit professionally installed varies on size. My cost with unit, fireproof base and walls, triple line pipe in 2001 was $4,200 for a medium size unit. It heats up to 2,400 s.f. home. Do not buy a used stove; they are nothing but problems and may have safety issues. It is not worth it. Note: my unit is in the living room. We couldn’t install it in the basement game room so I use a gel-filled electric radiator set on low during the winter for the basement and game room and save money there.
AUTOS AND TRUCKS. Buy used, one owner, with clean car fax reports, if possible. Change the oil every 3,000-4,000 miles. Do basic repairs and maintenance as needed. Locate a trustworthy mechanic, which is hard. If you have a family member that is a professional mechanic and you trust that is the best. Remember, you still need to pay them for their time and you will save a lot of money along the way. Go to the web on discount tire direct. You will receive the best prices with free freight.
FOOD AND CLEANING PRODUCTS. Save 25-40% a year by shopping with vendors that do coupon buying at flea markets. Do comparison pricing and watch out for outdated foods and drugs. Talk to them about saving money on gas cards. My vendor gets cards filled for free gas up to 30 gallons and sells them for $50 which equals $1.67 a gallon. Most vendors that do this are for people they know and trust. Warning: There is a rash of so-called vendors selling out-dated food and over-the-counter medicines. Stay clear – it’s not worth the savings.
Now the final step: Your saved money. Place it in a separate account or hold it in a safe. You can bank roll it for a large purchase; pay off your car or mortgage. I did it and saved money by paying off my fifteen year mortgage in seven years. Save for retirement, college for your children, or just a rainy day and use only when you have an unexpected expense. A rainy day fund is money you set aside for emergencies or for a large purchase. No matter what your salary, everyone can manage to take a portion and set it aside for emergencies. People need to control their spending. Next time ask yourself before buying something – do I need it or do I just want it? Young people today just buy without thinking about their purchases. It is just so easy to use a credit card. You can become cash poor by using credit cards and trying to pay them off. You are also paying the high interest rates too.
By the way, on my mortgage that I paid off, it saved; me over $49,000 in interest. You must take control of your spending habits so you have no debt.


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