Income is still flat and people are still cash poor. Some people are cheap period and want everything for nothing. The buyers at flea markets that want new merchandise for a cheaper price than what you are selling at are increasing. The best response to give is “sorry my prices are better than any store” and/or “this is a flea market and not a free market”. It seems like there is more used household types of merchandise at the markets which means people are cash poor. If a market is selling 80% used junk, find another market to sell at. I only sell new merchandise and find that I make more money at markets that draw lower income people. These people know prices.

Test different markets out and see what works better for you. Now if you are a vendor that is greedy and tries to overprice merchandise, forget it, you will never last in this business.

Most important sell items people need. Money is tight. Selling anything else is a crap shoot period. But buying at low prices allows you to re-sell at discount prices versus the store’s prices.


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