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Well, that is up to you!  There are literally thousands of items to sell.  But, remember, in today’s poor economic times, people are watching what they are buying.  Buyers are looking for deals and savings on items they need and want.  Only about 5% of the population attend flea markets, but these numbers are increasing every year.  I have done some surveys on what buyers look to buy at flea markets and the following items were popular at most markets regardless of a good or bad economy:

1.         Food!

Food made to order.

Packaged food items in date or near out date not over 30 days old.  (NEVER sell outdated baby food)

Fruits and vegetables, especially fresh farm produce.

Homemade baked goods and candy

2.         New Merchandise

Items that are needed by most people.  NOT luxuary items.  Selling price must be cheaper than any brick or mortar store.

Having large quantities displayed.  Appearance is everything!

3.         Gently used baby items

4.         Tools

5.         Antiques and Collectibles

6.         Used Household items that are gently used and spotlessly clean.  Sell these items at giveaway prices.

As with everything else, you are the one that must decide what to sell.  Remember, people always eat and will always buy food because it’s needed.  Flea market sales in general are impulse sales, so the proper display of your items is extremely important.  Flea market buyers are by far the smartest shoppers around.