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Good markets are large enough for 150-300 vendors. Anything over that you are a needle in a haystack. Your location is very important. You can determine this by visiting and watching peoples’ traffic patterns, like near the entrances, parking lots, food vendors. Every market is different. Research and time is required prior to setting up.

Bad markets are new markets and/or markets with a few vendors. You need the vendors to draw the buyers. If you arrive at a market to sell and you haven’t taken the time for research and prior visits, you lose. Why? You are wasting your money. Research and visits are a must prior to selling. Unless you are going to a well-established market that you received information on from trusted vendors you know. Even then, do your research in person. That is the best.

Specialty markets for collectors, antiques or crafts are only for those types of items only unless you are a food vendor. Consider doing county fairs or special events if you have the proper merchandise to sell. Your set up cost is high compared to a flea market. And there are certain rules to follow. They get the traffic in most cases. Never just set up without first viewing it yourself as a buyer. Then weigh the cost and if permits are required. You may have to pay in advance which today is the norm. If the weather turns nasty on you, your set up fees are gone. You then lose. Watch yourself on this area of selling – you can hit a gold mine or quick sand. Some vendors think just because they get traffic you will make out. This is not so. There are a lot of factors to consider – type of merchandise needed, location and location is number one, hours that you have to be opened and do you have the help you need.