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There are two types of products to buy – certified and non certified chargers. Certified cost more and have a warranty and that they work with the phones. Non certified is cheap quality junk. Example: USB Bullitt for car chargers 3.2 cents each direct from China and must buy 1,000 units at $32.00 delivered. Great price, poor quality. If lucky, 50% of them work for a short time. Then you get a reputation as selling junk. Buy the certified units. I sell these myself and pay approximately .68 cents each for a lot of 100. I sell them at $5.00 each and they are the same quality AT&T and Verizon sell at $20 each. If your buyers say that is too much, tell them the difference and then shut up. Other vendors sell non certified for $3-$5 each which are junk.

Buying Other Merchandise
To get the best price pay cash and buy the entire deal. You never will get a good deal buying in small amounts. Remember, you need to make 400-900% on your cost; otherwise, you work for free.