A survey was taken this year and 80% of buyers are only buying items they need due to the economy. The other 20% are impulse buyers and/or collectors and walkers. Sellers need to think about what they are selling. Take your own survey at markets and watch people what they buy. Sellers need items that are needed by most people. Offer services like cell phone repairs, watch batteries and bands, or just basic simple watch repairs and adjustments.

The top items to sell this this are:
1. Food – making food on site. People always have money to feed their face.
2. Homemade baked goods.
3. Candy
4. Packaged store foods
5. Fresh produce
6. Seasonal items like sunglasses
The list goes on. Always check with the market you want to sell at to see if you are allowed to sell items you select. Every market has their own rules and every item will not sell at all markets. You must test the various markets. Try to offer at least 2-3 main core items to sell, but in large quantities so you draw attention to your set up. Use bright bold covers for your tables. When using a tent, place 2 flags of your choice on PUC poles 10’ high to draw more attention to your spot. Talk to all customers within 20 seconds. Buyers like friendly vendors. Never sit on a 5 gallon bucket in front of your display – you will look like a homeless person begging for a handout. I see this almost every week. Who wants to buy from a vendor like that? In most cases a vendors sitting on buckets do not speak to the buyers other than placing their hand out for money if they buy something.


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