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Merchandise is not sold at the same price at all markets. You have to adjust your selling price based on market conditions. Some markets you can sell items at a higher price; and other markets you need to lower your price. You need to be flexible. For an example, if selling USB car chargers one piece units — most markets you can sell at $9.00 for premium units. At other markets where there is a lot of competition, you will have to sell them at $6.00 – $7.00 each. If you purchased the items at the right price, you will still make a good profit.


It is better to sell your merchandise than to take it home, but remember to never give it away. If the market you are selling at is a poor market, find another market to sell your items. This is where time and research pays off. Remember, this is a business; you need to make a profit or do not do it.


Special Note: A lot of buyers compare your merchandise with the retail outlet “Five Below”. Well, “Five Below” is selling over-priced dollar store items — low quality junk — period! I, myself, and several other vendors purchased some of their items and found out it is cheap junk after testing the items for durability. Buyers who only purchase items that are cheap are cheapskates. You, as a professional vendor, do not need them. These type of buyers are nothing but problems.