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Back to Basics — Labor Day Review 2014

Selling inside or outside – which is better?  You guessed it right — outside wins hands down.  Most people like to be outside — more traffic — more sales.  Its a numbers game and your cost is less than paying rent inside with limited traffic.

When sales are slow, do not be a dummy and lower your prices.  You lose, buyers win period.  If you are selling new items like premium cell phone car chargers for Smart phones at $9.00 each and Verizon and ATT are selling them at $30-$35 each, your price is a bargain.

Remember you are in business to make money, not lose money.  When buyers complain to you that other sellers or the Five Below store are selling their chargers for $5.00, just say “what’s your point”?  You tell them their chargers are junk and fall apart and that these sellers purchase cheap junk and sell it.  These types of buyers are known as cheapskates.  They think $5.00 charges are the same as $9.00 charges.  If its too cheap, its junk and you get what you pay for.

On buyers you will always run across what I called bargain hunters – it is no more.  Today they are just cheapskates period.  They want everything for free.  State your price to them, explain your product and why it’s a bargain.  Then they can buy it or leave it.  Sell to the best and forget the rest.  Do not let them get to you.  If you do they bring you down to their level of thinking and ruin your day and your sales for that day will show it.

Buying in the off season at the right price is when you make money, not when you sell.  Most merchandise can be stored away.  Never do that with any type of food.  Buy the entire deal if you can, your cost will be lower and profits higher.  Shoot for profits of 500%-900% always.  To make 100%-200% per sale on basic needed items is not enough.  Do you think stores make these small margins – no way.

On profit per sale:  buy only quality merchandise – no junk or your sales in time will show it by word of mouth from people telling other people you sell junk.  Buyers will stay clear of you.  Research items on the internet first.  Get to know the quality items and what they sell for.  Sell below store prices; you have a winner in most cases.  Buyers overall are not dumb; they know a true value when they see it.  Your profit margins on items that people want and need on an ongoing basis need to be 500%-900% profit to you.  Everything I sell at the flea market brings me an average return of 700% overall on my merchandise.  Start to think like a business person.  Make money.  Buy low, sell high, plan ahead.  But buy quality items — it pays off in future sales.


Merchandise For Sale

If interested in any of these items please contact me for details:  trwr at comcast dot net. Items can be picked up in person to save shipping cost at Irwin Pa 15642.

1)      Foster Grant Clip On Sunglasses several styles and sizes nice mix: 262 prs. Foster Grant reading Glasses 65 pairs. Total 327 pairs at $1.00@= $327.00

2)      Magnets: Book style 11 Food and 6 floral mix boxes Sold by case lots Buy whole deal 1,387 units at .75@= $1,040.25. Or by case at $1.00@x number in case approx: 200 per case. Retails $4.95 and $5.95

3)      Backward battery wall clocks several  colors Retail $19.99@ 1 case of 12 $47.40

4)      Girls, teens, Ladies Fancy head bands Plastic wrapped each unit 210 pieces at .60@= $126.00

5)      Gift boxes for jewelry silver Approx: 200 pieces one case $45

6)      Sunglasses Kids: and infants (Foster Grant) 225 units at .60@=$135

7)      Fragrance Oils- hand made 1 oz dark bottles not ½ oz most people sale only 4 per fragrance, all labeled, No alcohol in them, oil burners several styles, Wood custom displays for fragrance.

8)      Incense handmade pure zip bagged sealed and labeled, burners.

9)      License Plate frames 30 styles with different sayings floor rack FREE if picked-up cannot ship rack retails at $12.99@ Great for Car Shows/ Cruises: 178 units at $1.84@= $363.00

Photo’s can be sent E-mail, let me know