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Scouting and Searching for Merchandise

At flea markets and/or garage sales for good ssources, be prepared to buy.  Carry enough cash with you.  Have between $500/$1,000.  Do not carry this amount of cash on you all the time; only when scouting for merchandise,  Take a large enough car or truck so you can take a deal should you find it.  Be prepared and plan ahead.  It will save you time and money.

Know your prices ahead of time.  It is very important.  Write up a cheat cheat or list with prices  you pay so you never get cheated on a deal.  Buy the entire deal if it meets your needs and the price is right.  Even if you save only 20% from what you normally pay that is more profit in your pocket.  Remember to buy low and sell high, but sell your items at a lesser price that any retail store.  This is a win-win situation for you.

This is your business; why not make a high profit.  But keep your mouth shut on what and where you buy what.  That information is extremely valuable.