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A friend of mine sells only children’s imprinted water bottles, piggybanks, pencils, and sippy cups.  In March 2012, he went out on Friday and again on Sunday to two different markets to sell his merchandise.  His wife went out on Sunday to a totally different market.  His total sales between he and his wife was $1,644.00.  His cost for the merchandise was $70.00 plus gas and set up fees.  Their average profit for the weekend was $1,574.00.

He buys in large lots off season and sells his merchandise from March through October each year making huge profits.  So specializing in certain types of merchandise pays off big!








30 Different sayings and colors

6’ spinner rack – free


196 pieces $363.00 ($1.84 @ cost)


Sells at $8.99 to $9.99 each


(Note:  cannot ship spinner — Local pickup only)



***Local buyers in the Pittsburgh, PA area who wish to pick up – shipping FREE***

Contact me at small t small r small w small r at comcast dot com for payment arrangements.  Please supply me with the item (items) you are interested in purchasing and your complete shipping address so I may calculate shipping costs.




Here’s a simple idea that vendors do not understand or are too lazy to do.  Buy 2 PVC 10’ plastic pipes, and two (2)  3’ x 5’ flags (either 2 American flags or 2 of your favorite football team).  Attach and strap the pipes with the flags onto the front of your tent’s legs and reuse every week.  This becomes a landmark for your buyers.  They will use your landmark as a meeting place, which results in more buyers directed to your table and more sales for you.  Your cost is approximately $30 and you can reuse this year after year.






Simple!  Retail store fronts, in general, do not offer service anymore.  Buyers want it and need it.  For an example:  you go to a store to purchase a pair of sunglasses; they place them in a bag after you pay for them and that’s it.  Well, I sell sunglasses every year.  My customers hand them to me; I remove the tags; clean the glasses; check for any damage and then collect their money.  Now, the glasses are all ready to wear.  This is just a little service that is well worth thousands of dollars in profits over the years.  Buyers will remember this, tell their friends, and that brings more customers.



Why would you want to buy the entire lot of merchandise up for sale?  Because you control it.  Your cost is far less than the wholesale cost and this is increased profit for you.  It’s like money in the bank.  You can keep some or all of the merchandise to sell.  Or, you can keep some to sell at markets and wholesale the excess.




If you come across some information that someone has written on detailed information on making money or a business opportunity, look at that information more closely.  In most cases, the author has spent a lot of time preparing and writing that information.  If the cost is reasonable, consider purchasing that information.  It could end up saving you time and money in your own business venture.  This is where your research comes in handy and information has as lot of value.



Planning, buying merchandise at good prices, your equipment, displaying your merchandise is where you spend the most time.  Start early and be ready before the season starts. Buy merchandise in the off season and stockpile it.  Wholesalers’ sales are slow in the off season and are desperate for sales.  In most cases, they will offer a better deal.  If possible, when you find an item that people need, buy the entire deal where you are in control of the merchandise and the pricing of it.  Never, and I mean never, get greedy trying to get top dollar for everything you sell.  If you do, your sales will suffer along with your profits.  In today’s world, corporate greed is running wild.  Wake up and use common sense.  Sell your merchandise at a true savings to the customer and be honest!  Having a lot of merchandise on your tables week after week after week and nothing being sold indicates you have a problem.  Analyze the problem and make changes, whether it be price changes, merchandise changes or display changes.  Do not sell items too cheaply and buyers will assume your merchandise is “junk”.  Check out the competition in your area.