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Flea Marketing Success

In regards to the new ebook I published, there are a lot of trade secrets that are revealed to you.  In my 30 plus years in this business, I have seen what works, why it works and how it works in order to be successful at marketing and selling at flea markets, events and shows.  All of the information written is current, and if you apply the methods I have used, you, too, can be successful at marketing or selling at any flea market, event or show.



The Flea Market Advisor Ebook

This is to announce that “The Flea Market Advisor” Ebook is now published and ready for sale at  You may click the direct link to the book right here:

This book was written for beginner and seasoned flea market vendors with advice, tricks and tips on how to be successful in marketing and selling at any flea market, event, fair or show.  This book provides easy to follow instructions on how to make money at flea markets;  in addition to how to open and operate a flea market as a business.  I have twenty plus years part-time and full-time experience selling at markets, and I am currently still selling at markets.

All the information in this book is current and up-to-date and will work for you at any flea market or event anywhere.  This information can also be used in opening up a store front business also.

In this book, you will find:

What sells now and in the future.

How to market your merchandise and yourself.

Why selling “services” pays off.

Unwritten rules between vendors.

What items to sell at around $7.00 to $9.00 that most people need and want with a 600% profit margin.

How much money you will need for merchandise, equipment and supplies to start your business.

How to choose the right market to sell your merchandise.

The best location at the market for sales.

How and where to find merchandise to sell.

How to set up your merchandise with the proper presentation to encourage buyers to buy.

What to charge for items and why.  Cheap will not work.

What to sell – new, used, collectibles, food, fruits and vegetables, baked goods, candy.

How to be the gatekeeper or how to own your own flea market.

With the following advice, I guarantee you will make money.  It does take research, planning and time; but it is strictly a cash business and makes for an excellent part-time or even full-time income.